Service availability

Although it is important for us to provide you with access to this website to make our writing services available for you, we will not, however, be responsible in case the website becomes not accessible for any reason within unlimited interval of time.

At any moment this website may become unavailable without any prior notification. We will not be responsible for any harm or loss caused to you as a result of the use or disability to use the website, including any information or files contained in it, and any solution made while or as a consequence of the use of this website.

Any material provided on this website incorporates our own viewpoints, which does not represent any judicial or professional advice. If you need any advice of the kind, you should seek for it from any adviser you know.

Links to other websites

Our website suggests links to external sources, which means that you will leave this website once you click on any link given here and go explicitly to the other website. However, we are not liable for any material and content published on any of the linked websites, including any links provided there on the linked website. We will not also be liable for any transfer obtained from the websites that were linked. Each link is placed for the purpose of attracting visitors to our website, which means that availability of the links on the website does not constitute that we approve the linked websites or any information published there.


The level of plagiarism that is considered as acceptable in the written materials delivered by us is no higher than 10%. If any plagiarism report shows more than this percentage of plagiarism in the work, then you can send the material for a revision or even ask for money back. These cases are covered on the following pages accordingly — Money back guarantee and Revision policy.

Some information may be considered as not plagiarized and will not be counted in the percentage of the plagiarism level. Such information may include bibliographical references (including references throughout the text and/or page of bibliography at the end of the material) as well as cliché (including idiomatic expressions, connectors, standard phrases, and any other common phrase that are often used and consist of several words).


The prices listed in the table on the Prices page are specified without VAT. It will be additionally charged only for those customers who live on the territory of the European Union. It will be automatically added to the total price in the process of payment. At our website VAT is not considered as subjected to a refund as well as our one-time 5% and 10% discounts and other additional optional services like Previous writer, TOP Writer, Advanced regular writer, VIP customer service, Plagiarism report, Abstract page, Editor’s check, Sources used, Table of contents/Outline.

Requests for refund and revision

You may send a written material for a revision 3 (three) times at no additional cost. After all 3 revisions are used, you may want to ask for another one, but in this case it will be considered as a new order. You will need to place it, choose editing/proofreading service, and make a payment.

Our Quality Assurance Department may determine that your primary requirements are met to the dot and in this case we will decline your request. The request of the refund will be accepted only in the cases satisfying the criteria described on the Revision Policy page.

However, once the “Approve” button is pushed, there will be no chance to ask for money back. On this occasion you will be able to send the written material for a free revision, but only throughout 7 days since the moment the button is pushed. To avoid any misunderstandings, you are highly recommended checking the written material before approving it. In case the file is not readable in the available format, then you can get in touch with our Customer Support Representatives using our contacts and ask to upload the material in another format.

In case you decide to ask for a refund, you will not be allowed to use the written material as well as any other extra material you received from us while your cooperation with us. Any material is regarded as an ownership of the company and after you get a refund we will be able to make publications of those written materials elsewhere online. This means that the published written material will be easy to find by checking it through any of the existing plagiarism checkers as it will refer to our website with the links. We may make a publication of it as content and/or as a sample. We do this with one and only purpose – to protect the works written by our writers in the cases when the customer requests money back after the text material has already been written.

14 days is the period you have to push the “Approve” button, which means the order approval. The time for approval starts calculating from the minute we have uploaded the final version of the written material to your control panel. The paper will be approved automatically after this time expires.

Please take into account that you will not get back money you paid as VAT (if you are a resident of the European Union) in case you want to get your money back for the order. As we have mentioned above, VAT is not subjected to a refund. Hence, you will get only the money paid or percentage of the price listed on the Prices page.

Proofreading services

You can order editing/proofreading services on our website. When the writer starts working on this type of assignment, it is expected that he changes not more that 30% of the initial content. By proofreading we understand the check of your own written material for any orthography errors, grammar or stylistic mistakes, or the parts that were plagiarized (each written material is thoroughly checked with a plagiarism checker).

Additionally, such type of assignment does not imply that the writer rewrites the content of the material you uploaded or writes a new paper from scratch upon it. Also, when this type of services is ordered, the writer cannot be asked to rewrite the article published somewhere online for the money paid as for editing/proofreading. We consider proofreading and rewriting as two absolutely different services that require two different orders.