Revision Policy

Each term that is capitalized and specified below shall have the definition that is identical to those specified in the Terms of Use, except when it is specified differently.

At we take it as our goal to provide you with high-quality assistance in a timely manner. If the completed Paper does not meet your specifications, we are ready to revise it. You are eligible for up to three free revision requests as long as they adhere to the following provisions.

  • Instructions

As long as your revision instructions do not contradict your initial instructions, we will surely ask our writer to make the needed changes. If our Quality Assurance Departments concludes that the initial instructions of your order have been met, then the revision request will be rejected.

  • Submission

The revision request can be submitted with the help of the “Send for revision” button, which is available on the order page in your control panel before your order is approved. Make sure to study your completed Paper to be able to send it for a revision yourself.

If for any reason a revision is needed after the approval of the order, please contact our Customer Support Representative and provide not only detailed revision instructions but also an appropriate time frame for the revision. If an appropriate time is not available, a revision will not be possible.

  • Deadline

A revision may be requested any time before the order has been approved. However, even after the approval of the order, you may request for a free revision within 7 days. If your order exceeded 20 pages, you qualify for a revision within 14 days after the approval of your order. If the first version of the Paper was delivered to you within your initial deadline, the order will be considered as delivered on time.

  • Number of Revisions

If your revision instructions satisfy all of the provision above, we will complete up to 3 free revisions of your order. Keep in mind that you can indicate as many revision instructions as needed when sending your order back for revision. 

In case your revision request does not comply with the above-stated provisions, a new order shall be created. In this order, please specify in detail exactly what changes or updates are needed for your Paper.

Keep in mind that you have 7 days after the latest version of the order has been delivered to you to approve the order. In case we do not hear from you within these 7 days, the order is approved automatically.