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Meet the Team That Drives Excellent Results

Behind every successful business story, there is teamwork. At WowAssignment, everyone – from chief officers and webmasters to customer care agents and marketing guys – is focused on doing their part in the best possible way to provide first-class STEM and programming homework help to our clients. Yet, this is the team of highly competent experts that makes the core of our company and contributes to the professed goal the most. Let us tell you a bit about this cohort of unsung heroes that help you finish assignments faster, study better, and achieve your academic goals easier!

Who We Are. The Making of WowAssignment and Its Team

It all started in 2019. Back then, we were just a tight-knit group of professionals consulting and providing complex, state-of-the-art IT solutions to high-end digital companies. We have achieved mastery in what we were doing, yet something was missing for getting the sense of accomplishment that makes every professional endeavor really meaningful.

The insight came when we were having a “Bring your kid to work” day, and one of the kids asked a programmer who created hundreds of thousands of lines of code for companies from the Fortune 500 list to help him with his half-done Python homework assignment. It took only several minutes for the guy to crack the task. But the look on the kid’s face… It was priceless.

That’s when we knew what we needed to do. That’s when the decision to add a social mission to our operations was made. That’s when the concept of the service to help students with STEM homework, in general, and programming assignments, in particular, was born. To bring it to life, we’ve teamed up with WowEssays.com – a reputable custom paper writing company. It has already been some time since they’ve observed the boom in STEM help requests. And thus, out of the synergy of an A-class startup-spirited IT team and a long-established, well-organized enterprise, the WowAssignment service came into existence.

Today, WowAssignment is helping thousands of high school, college, and university students achieve their studying goals faster and easier – and all this thanks to fine-tuned team operation, with highly skilled experts at its core.

How We Pick Experts for the Team

The talent acquisition department might be the most respected part of the WowAssignment team. The reason behind it is that they work relentlessly to hunt and hire the best experts who will drive excellent results for you – our customers. To a great extent, remarkably high customer satisfaction rates are their merit. They recognize the critical importance of finding competent experts to provide highly qualified assistance to struggling students and go to great lengths to get the right people on board.

  • First of all, not only do we accept applications from eager candidates, but also proactively seek experts on specialized platforms and social media.
  • The first stage of the hiring procedure includes obtaining candidates’ valid personal information and verifying academic credentials and professional backgrounds.
  • Then come sophisticated competence tests designed by our specialists for different STEM and computer science fields.
  • And, of course, we thoroughly check the command of the English language, although it might not be as critical in some subject areas (for example, coding) as in creative writing.
  • At the next stage, it’s time for an online interview to get to know our prospective team members better.
  • Only in case all of the previous stages were completed successfully candidates move on to the probation period and start working on orders under close supervision and responsive guidance of talent development managers.
  • Finally, if a candidate showcases the necessary determination, expertise, and skills, we welcome them into our team!

This, however, doesn’t mean that our experts stop growing professionally. Talent development managers implement regular training programs, present upskilling and reskilling opportunities, create an environment for continuous learning, etc. As a result, our experts keep self-improving, hence allowing you to get better homework help. With time, experts who demonstrate the best outcomes and receive consistently positive customer feedback get promoted to the Advanced and then the TOP category.

Finally, we do everything possible to make experts’ experience with WowAssignment favorable. Remarkably, internal Gallup surveys and the Employee Net Promoter Score we perform regularly show that our experts do like the way we cooperate. Considering Aristotle said that enjoying your work leads to perfection, we can claim that our homework help will be superb!

Facts & Numbers About Our Experts

Here are only the important things and relevant facts you definitely must know about our team and individual experts. Well, at least we think so ?.

300+ experts in various STEM areas53% men, 45% women, 2% other genders
The majority of our experts are from the US. Other countries of origin include Canada, Japan, China, India, Ukraine, and the UK60% of people on the team CAN sing. Another 13% THINK they can sing. And the rest are absolutely hopelessly tone-deaf
Only about 4% of applicants make it to the team76% of experts have or are getting degrees; 24% don’t have degrees – just like Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, and Richard Branson
34% of our programming experts are practicing coders with active jobs27% POC experts
69% of experts like cats, 30% like dogs, 1% like turtlesThe WowAssignment team includes 1 (one) fluffy Ragamuffin cat named Cloud9 and 1 (one) pretty Sawback turtle named Solaria

Meet the Best WowAssignment Experts

6 men, 3 women

ID 13733

Completed orders – 3936

Python / JavaScript / Java

“Great job! Clean, well-commented code delivered on time – no complaints from me whatsoever. This expert definitely goes to my Favorites list.“

ID 70532

Completed orders – 1584

Computational science / Information theory / AI

“Top-class research, exceptional material presentation. I’m more of a coder myself, so this guy really helps me out with writing tasks.“

ID 987666

Completed orders – 2869

Mathematics / Mechanical engineering / Physics

“Numbers and formulas just are not my thing. But I still need homework in Physics done and graded high to keep my GPA at the desired level. WowAssignment’s experts let me do just that.“

ID 54118

Completed orders – 1634

Web design / Graphics & visualization / Information technology

“The guy definitely knows his stuff. When asked why he’s doing it, he said that he’s just bored at work and wanted to refresh what’s it like to be a student again :)“

ID 38592

Completed orders – 2588

Software engineering / Mobile / Operating systems

“I was stuck with one particularly tricky algorithm, and a very elegant solution provided by this expert helped me move on with my task. Recommended.“

ID 571080

Completed orders – 1971

Chemistry / Biology / Biochemistry

“Classy expert worth paying some extra cash to hire. Deep research, trustworthy sources, professional communication, fast turnaround – and a great paper as an outcome.“

ID 786337

Completed orders – 2343

C++, C# / Other object-oriented programming languages

“Really cool guy! Helped me with my part of a group gaming project in C++. And he’s a fan of Witcher III, too! This fact alone is enough to hire him right now!“

ID 10546

Completed orders – 1755

Data science / SQL / Machine learning

“Great service if you don’t have time to do homework single-handedly. And if it is an assignment related to data handling – this expert is right what you need.“

ID 22251

Completed orders – 2069

Statistics / Economics / Finance

“My experience with WowAssignment shows that if you need fast help with Economics homework, don’t be cheap – hire this TOP expert and just enjoy the result.“


Can I hire a specific expert?

Yes, you can hire a specific expert to fulfill your order if you know the expert’s unique number ID. You will just need to enter it in the respective fields in the order form. Keep in mind that if an expert you wish to hire is from the Advanced or TOP category, additional fees will apply.

How much will Advanced and TOP experts cost?

As WowAssignment.com has a flexible pricing system, the final order price depends on several factors, first and foremost, the deadline and the paper size, with the expert category affecting it, too. How much exactly an Advanced or TOP expert will cost is directly affected by the deadline you set and the assignment size or difficulty. If you want to get a precise price estimate, we suggest you get in touch with our customer managers and request a free price quote.

Can I chat with the assigned expert directly?

Yes, absolutely. Direct communication with the assigned expert is a crucial element of the individual approach we preach at WowAssignment. This can be done from the personal Control Panel once you log in.

How do you check the assignment’s quality?

Before sending assignments or papers to customers, we thoroughly check them for compliance with your initial requirements and strict academic standards. This is done by the Quality Assurance department, which operates independently from the experts’ division to keep it objective.

Can I hire an expert to complete an online assignment, test, or learning quiz instead of me?

No, we don’t do that. The WowAssignment company doesn’t endorse cheating and violating academic integrity principles whatsoever. Keep in mind that our honor code clearly states that customers shouldn’t use the received assignments or papers as their own unchanged. Our goal is to provide assistance that lets struggling students overcome all the adversaries and do the job on their own.

Do you only have coding / STEM experts? What if I need a piece of creative writing?

The WowAssignment service specializes in STEM, computer science, and coding help. Yet, if you need assistance with other types of homework, we can help, too. Thanks to our alliance with WowEssays, you can place an order for virtually any type of academic paper and have it done by a highly skilled writer / expert with relevant professional background and proper expertise.