Free Inventory Management System Assignment Example

As a software engineer, I have created an inventory management system for Shoprite Ghana Ltd. The Shoprite Group is one of the largest retailers in the world. It has excellent market capitalization, generates enormous profits, and maintains many customers and employees. The inventory management system aims to provide Shoprite with the functions and options needed to track its orders and goods across the supply chain. It is part of the SDLC (software development life cycle).

For those seeking a practical understanding of inventory management systems, examining a comprehensive assignment programming example can provide invaluable insights into the complexities of designing and implementing effective inventory tracking solutions.

Main Features of the System

The core features of this inventory management system are as follows.

Inventory Control         

With inventory control, it will be easy for Shoprite Ghana Limited to manage the categories of different products. The admin can also set reorder levels of additional items, manage stocks, create accounts of other users and keep an eye on their day-to-day activities. In addition, the admin can reset passwords for customers, employees, and all other users. An attendant may help because they can open the list of products and begin selling them. What is present in the storage area or warehouse can also be checked. A sound inventory control system or practice can help the admin correct the stock counts.

The attendant should be able to perform sales, check transactions, scan barcodes of products, maintain an appropriate ledger on the stock level and generate and print receipts whenever needed.

Monitoring of Stocks

It is called stock monitoring. The purpose is to keep money from losing when the prices of stocks change. The admin or manager of Shoprite Ghana can check when and how the price increases. With it, they will be able to adjust their rates and can avoid any losses.

Sales Report

The admin should review the sales report daily or at least once a week to eliminate any errors and check the store’s overall performance.

Data Dictionaries

Customer NameDetailsType of PurchasePaid Amount
Customer’s_Email IDCustomer’s Correct IDItem Bought$1 (For Example)
First_NameFirst Name of the ClientItem Bought$3 (For Example)
Last_NameLast Name of the ClientItem Bought$6 (For Example)
ResidenceCustomer’s Full AddressItem Bought$10 (For Example)
Telephone_NumberCustomer’s Phone NumberItem Bought$15 (For Example)
Table1: For Admin of Shoprite Ghana Limited
Order/ProductDetailsTypeTransaction Details
Order_IDID Number of the OrderItem Bought$1
Customer _NameCustomer’s Full Name and ID NumberItem Bought$2
Employee_NameEmployee’s Full Name and ID NumberItem Bought$3
Order_DateDate of the OrderDate$4
Invoice_NumberCash or Charge NumberItem Bought$5
Barcode_ScanningOfficial Receipt NumberItem Bought$6
Total_AmountTotal Amount PaidItem Bought$7
Product_IDProduct ID and CategoryItem Bought$8
Table2: For the Attendant
Field InformationDetails
Employee/User_IDID Number of the User/Employee
First_NameFirst Name of the User/Employee
Last_NameLast Name of the User/Employee
Complete_AddressFull Address of the Employee/User
Contact_NumberTelephone Number
Work_NaturePosition or Nature of the Work
Table3: For Other Users
Basic DetailsDetails
Cash_Paid           Cash Amount Paid and ID Number of the Customer
Order_IDOrder Number
Product_NameProduct Name
Model/YearModel or Year of the Product
Serial_No.Serial Number of the Item/Product
Total_PricePrice of the Item/Product
Invoice_No.Cash or Charge Invoice Number
Table4: Cash Information

Database Design

Database Design
Database Design for Shoprite Ghana Limited Using Inventory Management System

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