Good Example of Essay on Artificial Intelligence

In the rapidly evolving landscape of Artificial Intelligence, students and enthusiasts eager to unravel the mysteries of machine learning, neural networks, and natural language processing can confidently embark on their journey, knowing that resources to “do my programming homework” are readily available, aiding them in mastering the intricacies of creating intelligent systems that mimic human cognitive processes.

One of the biggest companies that use Artificial Intelligence is Tencent. Tencent is a Chinese conglomerate interested in social media, gaming, and the medical industry. Tencent has extensively integrated Artificial Intelligence into its business operations, and its products and services use it. The business mantra drives Tencent that everything is possible with artificial intelligence due to its ability to learn, absorb enormous amounts of data, adapt, and apply. AI’s presence can be virtually found in every aspect of the business. In managing the business, AI serves as a forecasting tool of demand for Tencent to determine which business approach is most sound for the company. AI mines an enormous amount of data for Tencent and interprets it to help its leadership strategize for the business. AI helps determine the course of business the company should take and makes its operations efficient. For example, AI could help Tencent’s supply chain be efficient by effectively forecasting the need for materials that the company should order.

Tencent also uses AI extensively in its various products and services. AI is very prominent in its iconic product WeChat app, which plays a crucial role in verifying identities through digital ID cards. AI is also used in improving the user experience in its gaming software, where it trains software robots to become good at strategy games, making its games more challenging and exciting. Tencent also uses AI to make its robots move like humans in its home products. In its healthcare business, Tencent also uses AI to build accurate digital models where it harvests data to develop effective medicines. AI is also used to project the kind of treatment needed, thus making the company more responsive to the market’s needs.

In the next five years, it is expected that AI will be used extensively in every aspect of the business. Unlike today where there are still reservations about its use, AI will be accepted as a part of people’s lives. Its usage will not only be limited to projecting future trends with the data it gathers but also to making the operations of businesses run efficiently. It will be integrated into industrial machines where it could learn and adapt that human interventions are no longer necessary. AI will replace the jobs of people doing repetitive and mechanical jobs, causing a temporary spike in unemployment as people adjust to the new business landscape.

AI’s many advantages to companies will make them create new and better products. These new products could be self-diagnosed to extend their useful life. Some machines may behave like human beings as they learn from their environment. Products will also become cheaper as they are built more efficiently. Companies will also need fewer personnel as AI-powered robots can already replace many jobs. Companies will continue to use AI to project trends in the future. They may even let AI strategize for them as it is better to sense massive data. Or, it could be consulted in significant business decisions as it could objectively evaluate decisions based on data. In short, AI will perform a more substantial role in companies in the future, even taking part in decision-making.

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